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I took a weight to Vicki that I had been carrying around a long time. She listened so patiently and compassionately, and then gave me resources and tools that let me finally set the weight down. This is not just fluff or schmaltz for the website. I am a different person: happier, more fulfilled, more confident, and more at peace. Don’t doubt that you can be, too. Thank you, Vicki, from the bottom of my heart.
— client: S. H.

You have taken the first step to gain a more peaceful and contented life.  This takes courage.  

  • Do you get overwhelmed when you have a lot to do in a short amount of time?

  • Have you always felt different or flawed?

  • Do you experience emotions on a deeper level than other people you know?

  • Do you startle easily or find loud noises and chaotic environments difficult?

  • Do you seem to need more "downtime" than others?

  • Are you deeply moved by the arts or music?

  • Do you have a special connection with animals or nature?

  • Or are you a Baby Boomer and experiencing or have experienced loss/change and are still trying to cope?  

If so, you need to know there is help and hope.  I specialize in helping Baby Boomers who are coping with loss and the grief that accompanies it (including pet loss) and challenges faced by Highly Sensitive People. If you answered yes to the majority of the first seven questions, you may have a NORMAL trait known as a Sensory-Processing Sensitivity, aka, a Highly Sensitive Person.

Calm Life Counseling: I AM ONE OF “US”

My practice is devoted to:

Vicki L. Quarles, LCSW

Vicki L. Quarles, LCSW

  • Helping Highly Sensitive People (persons who have been identified as having a trait scientifically known as a Sensory-Processing Sensitivity) learn to accept their trait and be able to navigate life in a different and better way.  As an HSP myself, I understand the challenges that come with having this normal temperament. We often feel a lot of shame as HSP’s.  I want to eliminate this.    Our brains are different.  We were born this way.  It is not a weakness or character flaw.  However, in our culture is not embraced nor understood.  We are unique. I believe this is a good thing. We have a lot we can offer to our society and the world.

  • Helping Baby Boomers who are coping with loss and the grief that accompanies it.  I, too, am a Baby Boomer who has experienced a significant amount of death and loss in my life.  Loss comes in many forms: retirement, moving, divorce/relationship endings, physical challenges, death of spouses/partners, parents, siblings, children, friends and pets.  We are aging and with that comes change and loss.  This is an issue that is taboo in our society.  We are often not “allowed” to grieve in appropriate ways or time frames.  My mission is to educate people about what is normal grief, help them heal and then find meaning in their losses.

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.
— Maria Robinson
Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives.
— Unknown

Professional credentials, too

I have the life experience AND professional education to help you gain some peace and stability.  After experiencing a lifetime of depression and loss, I went through counseling in my late thirties and was then able to attend graduate school at the age of 40.


Safe and secure

Calm Life Counseling is available to adults of any race, ethnicity, gender expression, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, religion, or ability.

Maintaining my clients’ confidentiality is of upmost importance to me.

The purpose of psychotherapy is to set people free.
— Rollo May