Heavy Heart

My heart is heavy this week as I grapple with all of the shootings, loss, deaths, fires, hatred and racism. As an HSP, I feel sad and overwhelmed because we highly sensitive people just feel things deeper. In addition, it triggers my own loss. In addition to the sadness, I also feel angry. I believe that’s OK because anger can motivate us to take action and try to make change. As a female child, I was not taught that it was OK for me to feel anger or even sadness. It wasn’t safe to express myself.

I didn’t know about my HSP trait until I was 47 years old. Which means I certainly didn’t understand the need for self-care. As HSP’s coping with loss, sadness, anger and feelings of overwhelm, it is crucial to honor our need for self-care; to take time away from the news, to rest, to get out in nature, to journal or whatever other activity we need to do. And then to begin to explore one area where we think we can take action and make a difference. I am still in the process of figuring out what that means to me. I invite you to do the same.